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Members of the Press, Good Afternoon:

I believe all of our citizens are as stunned as I was when we heard the news of the meeting between President Ma Ying-jeou and China's President Xi Jinping. A meeting of the leaders from both sides of the Strait is a serious matter involving Taiwan's national dignity and interests. Informing the citizens of the country of such a meeting under such hasty circumstances is damaging to Taiwan's democracy.

First, I want to emphasize, on the principles of "equal respect", "transparency" and "no political precondition". We are happy to see communications between both sides of the Strait. We view such endeavor under a positive light if such communication is helpful to facilitate cross-strait peace, to improve communication and dialogue and is beneficial to mutual interests. In other words, if the arrangements between President Ma and President Xi were transparent; that is, allowing our citizens to understand what will be discussed, what will be promised, if any, to have legislative and public opinion oversight, and genuinely implement these three principles of "equal respect", "transparency" and "without any political preconditions." I believe this will greatly reduce anxieties among the people.

However, since last night, we hear voices of doubts and hesitation. The people's voice is something President Ma Ying-jeou needs to face. In the past years, the people have lost confidence in the government's ability to facilitate cross-strait relations, and they will not wish to see yet another black-box decision. I will also point out, the people will never accept an outgoing president, like President Ma, maximizing his personal political legacy with Taiwan's future and making promises he cannot be responsible for. In addition, with elections approaching soon in Taiwan, choosing to hold a meeting between President Ma and President Xi under such sensitive timing is bound to invoke serious doubts from society, raising questions about whether the meeting was intentionally arranged to influence electoral outcomes. If the KMT always utilizes cross-strait issues as a tool of political manipulation during election time, it would garner negative effects on cross-strait relationship in the long run, and it does not adhere to the consensus of the Taiwanese people.

Therefore, I would like to issue a solemn reminder to President Ma, cross-strait relations should not be handled based on political parties' interests. Taiwan's future should not be a pawn for electoral success. We all wish for a stable, peaceful cross-strait relationship; therefore, the principles of "equal respect", "transparency" and "no political preconditions" should not be sacrificed in anyway. We will stand with the people. We will continue to monitor and safeguard Taiwan. Thank you very much!

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