The Ma-Xi meeting limits Taiwanese people's ability to choose

Today, after watching the Ma-Xi meeting on the television, I believe most Taiwanese are as disappointed as I am. President Ma left under the concern that this visit would be shrouded in secrecy. Now he is about to return with even greater controversy.

We had hoped that President Ma would speak about Taiwan's democracy, freedom, and the existence of the Republic of China. More importantly, that he would mention the freedom of the Taiwanese people to make their own choices. However, none of these were mentioned.

It is with regret that we see the only result from the Ma-Xi meeting was their attempt to limit the people's ability to choose the future of cross-strait relations by setting political preconditions on the international stage. This morning, we had hoped that President Ma would do three things for the Taiwanese people: guarantee the 23 million Taiwanese' right to choose; not set political preconditions in the cross-strait relationship; and attain equal respect. None of them were achieved.

Self-identity amongst the Taiwanese people has always been a complicated matter. But I have always believed, that after twenty years of democratization, the Taiwanese are a free and democratic people. I believe that the DPP can lead the Taiwanese people to express how they truly feel. Political preconditions that are devoid of democratic procedure and without a firm basis in public opinion will never be accepted by the people of Taiwan.

I have confidence in Taiwan's democracy and the Taiwanese people. Together with the Taiwanese people, we will reverse the damage caused by the Ma-Xi meeting through democracy.

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