Dr. Tsai made the following statement regarding the President Ma's handling of the November 7th Ma-Xi meeting:

A president should represent and execute the will of the people. However, President Ma's handling of yesterday's Ma-Xi meeting left many disappointed, if not furious. In the eyes of the Taiwanese people, the only "historic record" set on the international arena by the Ma-Xi meeting was President Ma's giddy handshake. Left out of the entire process were Taiwan's democracy and any sign of the Republic of China's existence.

As head of state, President Ma has failed to deliver to the people a sense of pride and security; instead, he has caused intensified anxiety and division. Our democracy, freedom, and right to determine our future were nowhere to be found in his words. He has attempted to limit Taiwan's future under a certain political framework – all for the advancement of his own political legacy.

I must solemnly point out that President Ma's rhetoric has strayed away from Taiwan's status quo and does not represent the mainstream opinion in Taiwan. Only the elections on January 16th next year can decide Taiwan's future and the development of cross-strait relations.

I understand full well the anxiety of the Taiwanese people following the Ma-Xi meeting. I submit to everyone that, fortunately, Taiwan still enjoys the firm backing of our democratic institution and the power of the people. Our ballots form this democratic institution, and the best way to voice our discontent is to vote on January 16th next year.

As long as Taiwan remains democratic, our destiny lies in our hands. The only way for people to worry no more is to return the progressive forces to government and place them in charge of the legislature. I promise to stand with the people in putting our country back on the right track. Let us safeguard Taiwan with democracy.

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